Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have been pretty good about not neglecting the blog but it seems it's been 12 days!  This was completely unintentional!  Time flies when you're having they say.

I just finished reading Elaine's blog (it's on the right side of our blog page - Quilters Quilting Quilts), and she is finally home from one really spectacualr trip!  She biked the Dempster Highway - that's right I said biked!  You can now pretty much read the whole trip and hopefully she'll get some pictures up soon.

So - you want to know what I'm all excited about?!?!  Well - I've been working on our newsletter (first hint!) and I have some fabulous news!  First, Anita Zobens of Cotton Mill Threadworks will be teaching two classes, on September 25th - Applique Buffet and then on October 13th - Open Thread Bar (if you missed it the first time, here's your chance - it won't be happening again for quite a while)!

That's not it though!  Mark your calendars - October 20th - Melinda Bula is coming!  Don't know who she is - look up Candy Cane Lane (Christmas Club Ladies will know and she is going to do a book signing for all of you in the evening), then look up Cutting Garden Quilts or better yet - go to and check her out!  She has agreed, actually it was her idea, to teach a class on October 20th!  She is developing another book which will be next year - making fabric cards and she is going to teach it here FIRST!  How cool is that!

....and that's not all!  Are you ready for this!  Hillary Rice is coming to teach a 2 day class - Imagine and Create - November 27th and 28th - you asked for a weekend - you got it!  Don't know who she is - check out
and see her gorgeous textile art!  By the time you finish that class you'll be doing it too!

Okay - I'm going back to quilting and the books for a while.  I'll try not to make you wait another 12 days for a post.  I hope I got you all excited about what's coming up!

Happy Quilting!


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Janet P. said...

Great news! I can't wait to sign up for the weekend workshops with Hilary Rice ... I have been an admirer of hers for awhile now. Thanks Jo-Ann!