Thursday, December 15, 2011

We had a ball!!!

Last night we were honoured to be a part of the Yorkshire Rose Quilt Guilds annual Christmas Meeting, along with Art Quilts and Log Cabin Quilts.  They invited us all to set up a small Merchant's Mall at their meeting and included us in their Christmas Pot Luck and festivities.  It was delightful and Laurissa and I had a great time with a great group of ladies.
 I'm not sure who that is "manning" the booth, oops, it's me!!!  Great hairdo there!!!  I truly don't recognize myself - Laurissa was taking the pictures.....
One of our best sellers last night was the Clover Needle Dome - I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before but it's one of those gadgets that when you look at it - you wonder, what do I need that for, until you have one and then it's more like - how did I live without this thing!!!  Last night we sold out except for the one we had left in the store which, by the end of the night was spoken for and in fact, was picked up today.....with an order for 3 more!!!!
I have two stashed away, one for my applique and one for binding quilts!  They are usually both in use - although, at the moment I have nothing to bind - I take that back I have a binding that needs resewing, so I will have to fill it again......

If you have seen this item and want one, or would like a demonstration - just ask when you're in the store.  I will be placing an order early in the New Year so get your name in if you want one.....

In the meantime - I would like to thank the ladies at Yorkshire Rose for a wonderful and very enjoyable evening!!!! (Can we join your guild!!!)  What a great group and extremely active too - lots of charity work and great ideas!!!!
Kudos ladies.....and as always,

Happy Quilting!


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