Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3rd, 2011

Why the date?  Well this is the last meeting of the year for "Healing Heroes" - Quilts of Valour and as is the custom, the ladies put on an amazing Pot Luck Lunch.  I am only allowed, as per Virginia, to contribute my smile, my sense of humour and my appetite!  I didn't have a problem there!

As you can see by the picture(s), the food was awesome - by 1:30 P.M. we all could have done with a short nap!!!!  Virginia's Broccoli Salad, Andi's Chicken Paprikash Crepes, Pat's Cheese and Crackers, Jayne's Deviled Eggs, Joan's Waldorf Salad and all the Spinokota(sp.), and the great meatballs!  It was all good and waiting in the wings were Judy's Butter Tarts and other goodies along with Annadel's Fruit Platters......a nap, seriously a nap!

 It's hard to believe that this Pot Luck Lunch marks the 3rd Christmas lunch we've all shared.  Heroes is starting it's 4th year with us and I just got an e-mail from Pat stating that their contribution is 188 QUILTS to date!
They are amazing - all of them and all of you who come by to drop off those amazing quilts from your hearts and hands!!!!

Bill dropped by this morning with a car load of fabric for Heroes and everyone got busy sorting through it all - there are pre-made blocks and cut strips and all kinds of goodies including what we term as "bag" fabric - that's fabric we can make bags to put the quilts in from!  Not 100% Cotton, designer fabrics, heavier cottons, that sort of thing!
 I guess it was a day for sorting p Pat pulled everything out of the back room and sorted through it and repacked it!  They do this at least once a year and today was as good a day as any to clean out and re-sort, especially with all of the goodies Bill brought with him.....
We are really looking forward to starting a new year of Healing Heroes on Saturday January 7th, 2012! 

On that note I would like to introduce our new "Mascot" quilt to you....Andi was in the mood to do an applique quilt and found this set of patterns I had on the pattern rack - she fell in love with the pattern but says she has no where to hang it so it has to hang in the store.....I, of course, agreed!  So, hanging now behind the front desk is Andi's version of Country Cluckers!
It's one of those quilts you have to see in person, so you'll just have to come by and have a look, and maybe a cup of tea and some cookies!!!! 

Happy Quilting!


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