Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Resolutions! (...and Mystery Quilts!)

I know today is May 1st not January 1st but there's no law, written or unwritten that says you have to make all your Resolutions on January 1st.  Besides this one is probably a "repeat resolution" anyway!!!!  I resolve to blog more often!  Okay,  I resolve to try to blog more often.

I really just have to "make" the time and sometimes that is easier said than done.  Hope you all had a great time at the Creative Festival - it was nice seeing many of you after the fact....and I hope that it helped to get those creative juices flowing because we have some great classes planned for the upcoming months and I am just putting together the Spring/Summer Newsletter which should be in your "In Boxes" next week.....or maybe even by the end of this week!  Woohoo!

In the meantime Cock A Doodle hosted one of its great Mystery Quilt Nights on Saturday night - the pattern, which is copyrighted, was one of my own and I am happy to say I had them all stumped right up to the end......

Here's a very bad picture (I really need to take a photography class!) of the prototype - my quilt!  The main fabric is lilacs which came from my stash along with the lighter pink.  The hot pink (and boy was it hot!) was one I had to purchase in order to finish the quilt!  Originally the fabrics were destined for a quilt I wanted to make for my mother, she has since passed away, however I have titled it "A quilt for my mother."

Here's a bigger, still bad picture of the quilt.........

Of course there will be an upcoming Mystery Quilt in the newsletter so take the chance - try it!  I honestly believe there were ten people Saturday night who were glad that they did......As they complete their quilt tops I will post some of the fabulous photos of what they made.....

In the meantime - get ready to sign up for some great classes!

Happy Quilting!


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