Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jo-Ann & Barb's Excellent Adventure - Day 1

Greetings from the road!

Jo-Ann and Barb are on the road to New Jersey on a fabric buying trip. Yes, we are looking for new fabrics to bring to you during 2008.

We left Toronto at 4:00 pm Saturday and headed for our first stop in Binghamton, NY. Thankfully we had no delays at the border and just sailed through. I'm sure the guy wondered how we could possibly have so much stuff piled in the back of the car for a one week trip! You just know we didn't leave without sewing machines and many quilting projects to work on in our spare time.

I am writing this just after midnight from the "delightful" Quality Inn in Binghamton. Jo-Ann booked hotel rooms for the rest of our trip but not for tonight. How were we to know that this is graduation weekend for the State University of New York? There's not a hotel room available, except this one, within a 100 mile radius. We're so tired that any bed was looking good! It was a bonus that they have wireless internet service we could write this blog entry.

Tomorrow we will continue on to our destination -- Toms River, New Jersey. From there we can visit all the places on our agenda ... fabric suppliers and some great quilt stores. Can't wait!!

So stay tuned for our further adventures. We'll be blogging every evening and we hope to have some photos to share with you too.

Until tomorrow ....

Barb & Jo-Ann

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