Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jo-Ann & Barb's Excellent Adventure - Day 7

a Got a relatively early start this morning and off we went to Lancaster County, PA. We ended up at The People's Museum in Intercourse and had a lovely buffet lunch at the Harvest House close by.

From the window of the restaurant we watched as an Amish farmer baled hay manually with his team of mules.

Even in Pennsylvania they have weird signs. I mean honestly, if you see a car coming would you actually try to turn???!!!

The countryside is absolutely gorgeous, this is really God's Country - miles and miles of farms and small towns and Barb laughing at me because I keep driving around in circles - it is so easy to get lost here.......thank heavens for my OnStar!

We definitely need a bumper sticker that says "We stop for Quilt Stores". On the way to Debbe's for dinner, we stopped at The Quilted Cat and Greenery and of course we found something to buy! And we were late for dinner but only 15 minutes. Dinner was wonderful! Paul (Debbe's husband) delighted us with a lovely salad, Beef Stroganoff and the most SINFUL Chocolate Cake from Wegmans. Debbe's house is filled with her wonderful quilts as well as other amazing crafts including needlepunch. She gave Barb and I an extended lesson in needlepunch which we will be happy to share with all of you. We picked out some more patterns (which you can check out at Debbe's website and we are bringing home a couple of sample quilts and a vest.

We needed milk on the way home (for the morning Starbucks) so we decided to take Paul's advice and go to Wegmans. He should be the National spokesperson for Wegmans - there's a story behind this. I met Debbe 10 years ago when I came for one of her quilt camps and Paul was the chief cook and dishwasher! He raved about Wegmans and took all the campers on an outing one night at around 11 p.m. to see this amazing store. It really is the ultimate in food shopping - they even have a model train in their bulk food candy department.

Barb and I had no problem spending money there. I admittedly got lost on the way but OnStar saved the day yet again and MR. G. (our little dude who seems to be stuck in our radio) got us pointed in the right direction.

We made it back to the hotel at around 1:00 a.m. laden with all kinds of goodies and even some stuff for the store. Saturday we are planning a day of Sit and Sew and then meeting Debbe and Paul for dinner at John's Plain and Fancy in Quakertown.....we will continue to keep you posted on our great adventure.....

Happy Quilting!

Jo-Ann and Barb

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deb said...

What a wonderful place to be!! looks like you had loads of fun... been to bird n hand and loved it.. glad you are back to show us all you got.