Friday, May 23, 2008

Jo-Ann & Barb's Excellent Adventure - Day 6

Leaving New Jersey ...

New Jersey has this thing about lefthand turns. You can't do it in the normal way. You see the sign above everywhere and when you first see one, it certainly makes you scratch your head! What the heck does it mean?? You have to go past where you want to turn left and exit to the right where you are directed around in a circle until you end up facing in the direction you would have been going should you have made a normal left hand turn. Make sense?? It's all very confusing. Did you also know that it is illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey? Very civilized we say!!


In typical Jo-Ann and Barb fashion, we overslept this morning and had to hit the ground running to get moved out of the hotel and on the road. Whose idea was it to bring this much stuff with us?? We got the car packed up and headed off ... but not before Jo-Ann got one more Crystal Diner fix. We stopped for a quick bite of breakfast (even though it was almost lunch time) before heading off to our meeting to fondle new fabrics for the store.

We saw some stunning new collections and ordered many of them for delivery over the next few months. Be prepared to be bowled over ... we chose some amazing fabrics! But we aren't going to tell you about them just now but trust us, you will love them. :-)

After fondling fabrics and being WOWed for almost 3 hours, we headed off to our next hotel near Allentown, Pennsylvania. We unpacked the car and then went for a bite of dinner in the hotel diningroom. After dinner it was off in search of a quart of milk for our in-room coffee. We somehow managed to find ourselves on a dark and windy road out in the country. Ooops!! Milk was finally located just a half block from the hotel.

We set up our "sewing room" and each of us did a bit of sewing while watching TV. Jo-Ann called Debbie Konchinsky, her friend from Critter Pattern Works. They gabbed for awhile and we got some tips for places to visit tomorrow. Debbie very kindly invited us to her home for dinner tomorrow evening. It will nice to finally meet her after admiring so many of her patterns and quilts in the store. She also designs needlepunch patterns (we carry those in the store too) so I'm hoping she'll give me a lesson on how to do it. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Time for some sleep now as there are many quilt shops that we want to visit in Lancaster, PA on Friday. Stay tuned for news of our further adventures.

Happy Quilting!

Barb & Jo-Ann

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