Monday, May 19, 2008

Jo-Ann & Barb's Excellent Adventure - Days 2 and 3

We apologize for not posting our day two adventures last night but we had some technical difficulties and couldn't get an internet connection.

We left Binghamtom, NY on Sunday morning after a delicious breakfast at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant. It was a cold, drizzly and foggy day as we headed south through the winding roads of the Pocono Mountains. Despite the less than ideal weather and driving conditions, the scenery was quite spectacular. Barb thought I had taken more than a few wrong turns as we passed signs for Moscow, Belfast, Nazareth and Bethlehem - but we were right on track.

Our first destination was New Hope, PA, a quaint little town (very reminiscent of Niagara-on-the-Lake) on the banks of the Delaware River. Lots of quaint little shops, eateries and galleries populate the narrow streets. We wandered around in the rain for a little while and then went to Starbucks for a "fix". Here are a couple of pictures from New Hope.

Jo-Ann showing the bridge across the Delaware River which leads to New Hope's sister town Lambertville, New Jersey.

A view across the Delaware ...
that's a beautiful condo complex
overlooking the water and
Lambertville's Church steeple.

One of the many houses on
the main street in New Hope.

From New Hope we continued on to our final destination in Toms River, NJ, arriving about 5:30 pm. The rain had finally let up -- at least for awhile -- allowing us sufficient time to unload the car before it started up again. It took two FULL luggage carts to get all of our paraphenalia into the room!!

After a rest and a little unpacking, we headed out to Jo-Ann's favourite eatery -- The Crystal Diner. The last time she was here it had been demolished and she was sooooo excited to find that it has been resurrected. We had a delicious dinner and then headed over to visit one of her cousins and family and had a lovely visit with them. We even got her cousin Helene interested in doing Sashiko.....we left her one to work on!

We returned to the hotel about midnight after a short drive around town so Jo-Ann could show me where she grew up and went to school. She was shocked to see that her grammar school was GONE!!

A good night's sleep was in order after a long day of travelling so in typical Jo-Ann and Barb fashion, we fell into bed around 3:00 a.m.


Jo-Ann pulled out the Quilters Travel Companion and started calling around to quilt stores to see who was open (alot of quilt stores close Mondays here). She finally found one open in Pennington, NJ, about an hour drive. It was ..."...worth the drive to Pennington". The quilt store was fantastic and there was a yarn store and beading store on either side. BONUS!!

The Woolly Lamb (delicious yarns
and needlepoint supplies) was
on the left and the bead store
was on the right! NIRVANA for
craft addicts like us.

After this lovely outing a trip to Starbucks was in order and then the drive home which included a stop at Michael's -- they have such cool stuff. Barb (of course) bought more yarn which is added to all the other yarn she doesn't have time to knit and Jo-Ann bought yet more beads.....for a surprise project she wants to try! If I say anymore I'll be in BIG trouble!!!! and you will never guess where we ended up for dinner -- The Crystal Diner.

The rest of the evening (we finished dinner at 9) will be spent stitching - Jo-Ann is stitching on labels. She needs to have 7 done by Wednesday night to give to her cousin for family distribution (and finally colouring her hair......). Barb has started knitting a baby sweater (this is added to the baby blanket (unfinished) her brother's sweater (still unfinished)......and you guys all thought this was gonna be a vacation!

We have a great day planned for tomorrow and will post more then. In the meantime,

Happy Quilting!
Barb and Jo-Ann

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Anonymous said...

WOW ... sounds like you guys are having a great time! Can't wait to see what you bring back with you. :-)