Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jo-Ann & Barb's Excellent Adventure - Day 4

Hi everyone!

We're getting a complex here! Woke up this morning to a lovely sunny day and within half an hour, when we were ready to leave the room, the rain had started! Barb checked the weather forecast and they are calling for rain until Thursday then sun for the weekend! Hmmmm! We leave New Jersey for Pennsylvania on Thursday......

You will never guess where we had breakfast this morning! (and dinner tonite) - you're right! The Crystal Diner and it was great! I promise a picture tomorrow - rain or shine! We headed south today to Quilting Possibilities in Forked River. I haven't seen Debbie and Jim in 4 years and I blame her for putting the bug in my head to open a quilt store so it was fun catching up with them. They just got back from Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon and we had lots to talk about. Check out their website at www.quiltingposs.com where you can see great pictures of the store. I've been visiting Quilting Possibilities for the past 10 years, every time I come down to visit my family.

We then trekked off to the Ocean County Mall to check out the book store where my cousin Helene works (got a new Barefoot Contessa Cookbook that I can't wait to try) and Bath and Body Works and to get our daily fix of Starbucks. By that time it was pouring rain so we decided to go back to the room and sew.......Barb is stitching away on her Featherweight as I write this. As soon as I finish this blog I am back on label duty - ugh! This will teach me to label as I finish a quilt which I truly believe in doing but never seem to get done........

So, until tomorrow,

Happy Quilting!

Jo-Ann & Barb

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