Saturday, June 6, 2009

7 more quilts.......

I told you these girls are industrious! They showed off 7 more quilts which are on their way to Ottawa and the Healing Heroes program.

They really have outdone themselves this month! It's wonderful to see the quilts that come in and know that we had some part in the making even if only donating the room! (Since the one thing they can't get enough of is batting I ordered them a whole roll which will be donated by Cock-A Doodle Quilts for the Healing Heroes program - won't they be surprised!)
Tomorrow we're looking forward to a great Show and Share from our monthly "Party Group" - they always have some great stuff!
I've been stuck in the back room doing the books all day and I am about to go back in to continue - it's all about the paperwork! I wish I could just do the quilting and forget about the books but alas I am told the government frowns on this!
Happy Quilting!

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Betweens said...

wow!! look at the great quilts.. is that last one a stack and whack!! fabulous!! love to see what the Monday gals are up to they are so industrious