Sunday, June 7, 2009

A busy day and a MUST SEE show!

I love the beginning of the month, especially the first Saturday and Sunday! The first Saturday is always Healing Heroes and the first Sunday is usually our "Private" Sit & Sew Day. Both groups produce amazing quilts and love to "Show and Share"....and we love to see what everyone produces! Below is Gail's cute little dress quilt....
....and here's Ann's Lakehouse quilt.......
Being the first weekend in June I couldn't resist making them some Strawberry Shortcake for dessert - no pics, it went too fast!

At 5:00 P.M. Barb and I took off to the Fibreworks opening reception and made it just in time. If you have the time YOU MUST go see this show. These are really a great bunch of talented fibre artists ------ It's at the Space Gallery at 1080 St. Clair Ave. West (at Lauder).
This is one of Marjorie Lamb's pieces, stunning!

The coat below is also one of Marjorie Lamb's - this picture does it no justice at all, it really is exquisite work......
Deborah Milton is so talented, I am just blown away by her stuff...

The one below is also Deborah's - it looks like a painting - it is so amazing!
Our own Carolyn Flood did this gorgeous piece below...what can I say!

This is also one of Carolyn's - she says she did it just sitting and watching TV! Wow!
This stunning piece is the work of Mical Pearlman - stunning!

I am not sure who's piece this was (need to take paper and a pen next time to take notes), so sorry, but it's one I fell in love with.... turns out it's Carolyn Flood's piece!
This one is Riali Wold's work and is completely three dimensional...

Again, if I had only taken a pen and paper I would know who did this stunning piece - I put in a call to Carolyn but have not heard back yet - I promise to update you as soon as I know...... this amazing piece is Roushelle Goldstein's......
Karen Wold submitted the next two pieces.........the first one was originally made for the York Heritage Challenge - Night and Day - an interesting twist to the theme...dieting!

The last piece is Pam Woodward's and is really beautiful! Hmmm - I was doing one of those (still working at it) and it looks no way as good as this one........
These photos in no way represent the whole show - we got there pretty late and only got to take a few photos. As they were preparing the show for viewing we actually saw a few pieces we had missed......seriously, this is a show you should definitely see if you can! There are quite a few artists represented and all of them have done amazing pieces!
Take a walk along St. Clair and have a look!
Just a reminder, in case you wanted to sign up - Carolyn Flood will be teaching her Valentine Bargello Quilt on the 14th (next Sunday) so if you've wanted to do this quilt - now's the time! It won't be back on the roster for awhile - she's got other great classes coming up too!
Happy Quilting!

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