Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making a list........

Making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out......oops wrong list!

I am A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder), seriously, I thought I would make a list of my UFO's but then I got sidetracked (it's really called avoidence)!  I'm also wondering what constitutes a UFO - I mean, does it count if you haven't started it yet?????

Here's my dilemma!  Some quilters pick up fabrics as they go, not necessarily knowing what project they will make....I used to do that too!  Some quilters would buy fabrics for specific projects - getting the yardage necessary for the whole project - I used to do that too!  So the dilemma is - do you count "those" projects if you haven't started them but you know what the fabric is for and it's all put away nicely and neatly ready for when you start it????

How exactly does this work!  I mean, I can't really make a list of ALL the projects that are UFO's until I know the answer to this question......ha, solved my problem!  Don't have to do the list yet!

I meant to take a picture of the NEW yarn dyes that came in the other day and I forgot (again - it's the A.D.D.!), got sidetracked marking the new books which I also forgot to take pics of.....Hmmm, I should make a list of the things I have to do (pictures to take, etc...)  That'll take care of the sudden urge to make a list!

Actually, by blogging I am avoiding the laundry and the Sweet Tea quilt which I brought home to work on......okay, enough of this!  I am going to stop prattling and go downstairs to do laundry and work on my quilt!  I only have until July 11th - the clock is ticking!  (I have all the tea cup blocks ready - just have to put them into the border).......

Hope everyone is having a good week - I know it's not easy this week but we shall perservere!  If you are looking for an escape the Applique Club meets tomorrow night at the store and Carolyn Flood is teaching Machine Quilting on Saturday.....

Happy Quilting!



nancy said...

Collecting fabric can be a new category called Fabric Archiving, perserving cloth for the future generations.
Having everything prepared for starting a problem is only good common sense.

Anonymous said...

Of course projects that you haven't started yet don't have to be counted as UFOs. Those ones are called PIGS ....Projects In Grocery Sacks! :-)


Anonymous said...

We call them USOs - unstarted objects. Also Christina has an idea she calls Levels of Finishment. If you make a list of your UFOs showing what needs to be done then you can easily pick out a project that requires a minimal amount of work to complete. That will give you a feeling of accomplishment. And, of course, move your project from the UfO list to the FO list do you can see how much you HAVE done