Monday, June 21, 2010

See what happens!?!!

When I don't get a chance to blog I have to play catch-up!  It wasn't for lack of wanting to - it was that darn "time" thing again!  So much to do - so little time!

I don't really like blogging from home (which is where I am now) because the computer is too slow and usually it's really late by the time I can sit down to do it but tonight I decided to "bite the bullet" and go for it!

Last Wednesday night I had a brainstorm and stayed at the store to work on a little flannelette coverlet I designed on the fly.....we're going to kit it (once I get the pattern written up) along with two other colour ways.....
We've also kitted up PRE-CUT Flannel Rag Quilt Kits which are just waiting for patterns (tomorrow I hope) and pricing - That's right - already cut up into 10" squares - just add batting (or not) and away you go!

Thursday was our Sit & Sew day and look what the girls had for dessert!  It's a Chocolate Fudge Cake with Strawberry Filling.  Gotta love strawberry season!  I may even make Ice Cream this week!  (Nancy gave me a 100% today for lunch - Tossed Salad with Cheese and Grilled Veggie Panini's and of course this fabulous dessert.....)
Dorothy dropped by to get more fabric to duplicate a quilt she made for her sister.  Her husband saw it and told her she can't give it away!  I really can't blame him - it's a really beautiful quilt!

She also showed off her Grandma's Stars - the class she did with Sandy Lindal.  This quilt is so great for scraps and it just comes out fabulous!  Love those Prairie Points on the border too.....

We've got some great new fabrics in which we put out on Friday - Garden Song by Nancy Halvorsen!  Check out the great display Nancy did for the Panel!  She's so creative!

Saturday was Block of the Month day and Christmas Club (our $10.00 quilt).  The girls are doing fabulous with their blocks (and note Elaine's Tim Horton's cup in the lower right hand corner)'s Hot Chocolate!  You have to wonder how she does it - must be all that bike riding!
In the afternoon I was whisked away (in that heat) to go get vegetables and herbs for the back garden which Rich decided needed to be planted (in that heat)!  So we got tomatoes, eggplant, red pepper, green pepper, cucumber, lettuce and cantaloupe (I have never had any luck with melons but we decided to try it anyway).  As far as herbs, there's sage, rosemary, flat leaf parsley, curly parsley, curly mint, dill, chives, basil and oregano.  I've always had pretty good luck with the herbs so we'll see!  He spent 3 days preparing and rebuilding the flower bed so I sure hope it bears some "fruit"!

Today was Sit & Sew and Linda Robertson dropped by with a bunch of customer quilts.  Gillian got two of hers back and they are both just stunning - great quilting too!

Rochelle showed off her new shower curtain for the cottage which she just finished - it's adorable......

....and the "piece de resistance" is the quilt Linda brought back for me!  You remember the Redwork quilt that Sharon stitched and I it is - all quilted and what a spectacular job......

Check out Linda's quilting - I just handed her the top and let her decide what to quilt on it - it is FABULOUS! (as usual)

It looks fabulous from the back too........
Okay I am off to bed shortly - I have to open up tomorrow morning and I'm on my own so if you feel like coming in for a visit, by all means, come on by - I'll put the coffee on and we can have a great time!

Happy Quilting!


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Anonymous said...

What's up with our store camera?

Just in case anyone is wondering, none of those quilts (especially the redwork quilt which is a crisp white in real life!) are actually as yellow as they appear on the blog.