Thursday, November 25, 2010

I've been told......

....that the blog is falling behind!  Actually it was that the "blogger" has fallen behind in the blog....I somewhat agree, but it's not to say I haven't been busy doing STUFF!

Actually, besides the big Anniversary Sale, I've been drowning in a sea of paperwork trying to get things up to date - kinda like at tax season multiplied by 1,000!  Haven't had any quality quilting time in months! 

So tonight I will take a little time to blog and share with you the winners of our Rooster Stew Challenge!  There were four entries - one in the Pieced Challenge and the other three in the Art Challenge.....and the winners are:-

1st Prize for Pieced goes to Marion -

1st Prize for Art - Lise
and, drumroll, drumroll - tied for 2nd Place - Elaine and Carol

Naturally, we were a little disappointed to see only 4 entries but everyone was a winner!  Some complained about the chosen fabrics but all in all these four did very well!  Hopefully next year we'll have a better response.......

So - a couple of boxes arrived today - with fabric I think, hopefully we'll get a chance to see what's in them.  Barb's on her own tomorrow for a good portion of the day - I have to attend a funeral tomorrow morning, a friend's mother passed away - she was just shy of her 101st Birthday!  She was a lovely lady and she'll be missed.  A number of years ago I was priveleged to receive a gift of some very delicate old buttons from her.  I had always intended to make something for her and use the buttons - but life happens, and we get busy, and things end up on that proverbial back burner!  It never got done, however, now maybe I can come up with a project in her memory and pass it on to my friend and her hopes that they will appreciate it!

At the moment, finding the buttons would be a major miracle as everything is packed and they are probably in a box somewhere in the living room of the new townhouse just waiting patiently for me to unpack them!  Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later......

In the meantime, I decided it was a night to do laundry so have been down in the studio working on Country Haven (a project I put down over a year ago!) and have been making good progress!  I now have 4 of 6 rows done!  I think there's definitely more laundry in my future!  It was so relaxing to get back on track and work on something!  I have really missed it....I've been doing the odd hand applique but I really was missing my machine work.....

Friday night is Applique Club so I will take my applique with me and Saturday and Sunday are the Hillary Rice days at the store - she's doing a 2 day seminar - the class is full but if you have the time to stop by and take a peek at what the class will be up to - you really should, besides, I'm sure the new fabrics will be out by then too!  In the meantime, I won't make any promises about when I will next update you (hopefully soon!) but I will wish you all -

Happy Quilting!


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