Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Where do I begin!  Hilary Rice was here this weekend to teach her two day class "Imagine and Create".  It was a full class and it was AWESOME!  I had to sequester myself in the back office so as not to feel too jealous!  My job was looking after their stomachs and although after all my complaining it went well for me - I really wished I had made other arrangements so I too could participate in the class!  Next time, and I guarantee there is going to be a next time, someone else is looking after the k.p. duties -

She is a fabulous teacher, the techniques, the ideas, just everything was wonderful!  The first day they learned a number of techniques and I know they went home and dreamt about their creations......who wouldn't!  Here are some of the photos from Day 1 -

Getting ready to start the class and getting a look at Hilary's work -

On the first day I got photos of everyone's work except Janet's (cause I couldn't find it!)......and she was off making tea!

This is Nancy's......
...And Raili's.....
....and Karen's....

and Linda's....

and Helen's.....Helen was concentrating on technique!  Good idea - then prepare the masterpiece!

and Libby's.....

and Barbara's

and Robin's......

and Fiona's......

and Maryanne's!

They worked from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. pretty much non-stop, break for a light lunch and a tea break!

Day 2 - they all showed up by 10:15 a.m. clamouring for coffee and pretty much raring to go!  So tell me - what would your husband say if you asked him to borrow his blow torch for quilting?????  Well - Fiona's husband said,
"Okay, it's downstairs!"

So the first technique on Sunday morning was - what a quilter does with a blow torch - coats on and out the back they went (seriously, they wanted to go to the front, but I kept thinking - what will my neighbours say and what if someone decides to call the Fire Department or something?!?! - so out the back it was!)

The effects were phenomenal and the pieces just evolved - hence the name, Imagine and Create!  Although these works of art are not yet complete - I have put out a challenge - We will have an ART SHOW beginning February 17th, 2011 and lasting to the Sunday (the 20th) somark your calendars - these pieces will blow you away!

Here they are again at the end of the class -

Karen had drum practice.......no progress!

....and Janet has two works of art!
Of course, Hilary, while teaching all her wonderful techniques ended up with her own masterpiece!  Here's a photo of the master at work......

...and the master's piece!

I believe that it can't get any better than this!  Fabulous teacher, amazing techniques, a great group of quilters and food!  What more could you ask for!  I'm living my dream even if it's sometimes vicariously through our students!

I think an in-store weekend retreat would work really well too!  Quilting from Friday afternoon to Sunday night pretty much non-stop (just for a little sleep) would sooooo work for me!  I wonder if anyone would sign up for that????  All meals provided!  Hmmmm- worth thinking about......I will leave you all now to get back to my quilting.....

Happy Quilting and Creating everyone!


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Briarose said...

a weekend retreat? Sign me up, I'll bring my sleeping bag. Claire