Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's back up...... Thursday's Sit & Sew.  A little background info - Thursday's Sit & Sew used to be the Underground Railroad Club which met one Thursday of every month.  This was in addition to the Tuesday evening once a month when Underground Railroad Club met.  Then Moday's Sit & Sew filled up to the point of bursting and we designated another day to Sit & Sew which is slowly but surely filling up too!  So, why am I telling you this - because Myrna came in on Thursday with this fabulous quilt which she has been working on and which she started when she joined the Underground Railroad Club which met once a month on a Thursday.......she has completed it and it IS gorgeous!
...and she hand quilted it too!  Look at the fabulous stitching.......... 
Annadel is working on something gorgeous too!  I can't wait to see it finished, it's grown even since this photo so I'll have to get another one next week - trust me, it will motivate her to work on it!  It's not that she needs the motivation but we all need a little push sometimes......
 With everything going on at home (showings and Open Houses) my son Jonathan seems to be a constant visitor to the store, we're going to have to put him to work! 
You know how I love seeing your quilts in progress!  Well - this is Louise's Bargello Quilt which is from the class that Elaine taught earlier this year.  She came in looking for borders today and I asked if I could get a photo.  She's got about 5 rows to go but it just looks awesome........We didn't manage to find a border in our selection and I'm glad she didn't just SETTLE for something to have it done!  I would rather she walked out empty handed than unhappy with the final product......we don't always have the EXACT fabric people are looking for, even with the large selection we do have......
I was blown away today!  A brand new customer came in, first time in the store, looking for a backing for a quilt she's making...... She pulls this little book out of her bag and I see it has a bunch of fabric swatches in it....of the quilts she's making or has already made......
So, it's one of those Dollar Store/Walmart 4" x 6" photo albums ..... she cuts her swatches and keeps it in her purse in case she sees something she the backing for a particular quilt!  I do carry swatches around when I'm planning a trip to a quilt store but how handy is having with you all of the time - what a great idea!

Okay so now, what's new!  Check out these gorgeous fabrics!  There is supposed to be a panel with them but it hasn't come and I'm not sure if it will, however, I don't care because I already have a plan for these fabrics!(This is definitely my problem - I have a plan, but no time to execute it!)  I will try to make time (before it all disappears!)  No Libby - you cannot have the whole bolt!

 The other day I spilled the beans on Nancy's big secret!  Well while she was working on Aunt Millie's Garden she also found time to, albeit slowly, get this little gem of a wall hanging done!  This was one of those projects she picked up and put down for quite awhile but at the end of the day - it really is a little gem!  (Can I have it!  Can I have it!  I have the perfect spot for it in the new house!)  It's a FREE PATTERN and we've even kitted a couple of them in the same fabrics Nancy used in case you fall in love with it too! 
That's about all the news for today!  I'm off to make dinner and watch Heartland (I love Sunday's), The Amazing Race, Desperate Houswives/Debbie Travis, and CSI Miami!  All the while knitting or quilting away the hours!

Happy Quilting!


P.S. Has anyone tried the Frittata Recipe yet?  I had a customer in today who said she gave it to her daughter who was planning a brunch - perfect!

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