Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have to admit I have been looking forward to this weekend with great anticipation!  First, I'm proving to myself I am ready for a marathon 4 day quilt retreat, including all the preparation and cooking that goes into it!  Needless to say, Laurissa has volunteered to be my clean up crew and has been amazing!!!!  I barely put the pot down and it's washed and put away - gotta love it - I'm not exactly on top of the messes I make when I'm "in the kitchen zone"!!!!

Before I share the retreat with you I want to go back to Monday Sit & Sew and share three fabulous quilts -

Gillian made this quilt from seeing a photo - Wow!  right!

Gillian's Quilt - Quilted by Sandy Lindal (gorgeous quilting of course!)

Gillian designed this quilt around some Owl Fabric she picked up and it's pretty cool stuff!
Gillian's Owl Quilt

Helen made this fabulous baby quilt - it's in her Baby Quilt Cupboard, she's trying to get ahead of all the new babies so she has one ready for the next gift.....

Notice the Prairie Point border.......

Helen's Quilt
Now we can continue with our 4 day Retreat!  Started out with 2 participants so I thought I'd have an easy ride!  Whoa - we are suddenly up to 8 but still having a great time - actually that's probably why we are having such a great time!!!!

This Retreat offically started on Thursday at 6:00 P.M.  after Sit & Sew but some people got a head start and were here Thursday as well..... Gail was here Thursday working on Pillow Covers and putting the binding on her quilt which is a gift - absolutely stunning fabrics......
Raili, Karen and Linda also got a head start on the Retreat - Raili Finished a gorgeous top - from a class she had taken previously ....

So she has pulled out yet another project to work on.....
Linda finished this star (and I think 3 more.....???) for a Mystery Quilt she is doing from a store in Moose Jaw that she purchased on line after Elaine blogged about it.

Here are the fabrics that came with the clues.....
Karen is busy with the clues from her Border Creek Mystery.......she's keeping up to date!

Dinner Thursday night was one of my "go to" recipes, Sweet & Sour Meatballs with Rice....Jonathan got what was left, about an appetizer side!  Dessert was Apple Strudels......delicious!

Stay tuned and I will update you on the rest of the goings on over the weekend!
Even I'm set up to get something done, first the hand sewing on my Lithia Park and then I brought two other projects if I get the flowers all done, we'll soon see!

Happy Quilting!


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