Thursday, October 11, 2012

Busy Bees!

The thing about moving is that you have to pack!!!!  We've been here for 6 years and needless to say, we have accumulated a lot of "stuff"!  Mary came in yesterday and the two of us tackled all the "this and that" boxes of holiday decorations and store props.  We had a lot of fun but paring down is one of the goals, so there's a lot of great Christmas and other holiday decorations that are priced to go quickly all over the store.  Not to mention a complete sewing corner.....

 From Halloween to Chanukah - something for everyone!
 All you need to decorate the tree - the tree is for sale too and already has the lights on it....
 We've got the odd dish here and there with more coming out of the back daily including some really unique sets......
 Chanukah has not been forgotten and then there are the lovely egg plates - great for deviled eggs!
 If I had the space this would be going home with me - a sewing center with a space for the computer and it comes with a two drawer filing cabinet on casters - you can't beat it!
There's room to set up a cutting area as well - and plenty of space for books and those great DVD's - I can just imagine taking some on-line quilting classes and being right next to my sewing machine......what a bonus!

Of course, that, on top of 30% off all store merchandise is keeping me on my toes these days.  The Creativ Festival starts today so if you are in the city, you might want to just drop by the store to see what's on sale too!

You can tell we are moving, there are doors missing and flooring boards are being stored under the class tables, along with a big ladder by the washroom which is holding up lengths of baseboards we have removed.  I met with the electrician yesterday at the new store and the walls are up and the electrical is happening so it won't be long before things start disappearing from 115 Miranda Avenue.  I'm actually getting antsy....I just want to get over there and start getting in all the new stuff that will be on it's way shortly.

If you have a spare moment, come by for a tea or coffee and a chat, browse around and see if there's anything you need and let me know if there's anything you want me to order for the new store....I would love all your input.  I already had some input from CM yesterday about a fabric line she would love to get her hands on - took a look and I'm ready to order it!!!!  Gorgeous, blacks, metallic golds, whites - with butterflies and floral prints!  Really stunning and there's a free pattern as well as a featured pattern in the new McCalls quilting magazine.  Not sure when it will be available but will certainly let you all know......

In the meantime - gotta get back to the task at hand!

Happy quilting!


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