Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back on track......

It took a couple of days for me to recover from the wedding!  It was a long night and a dream come true for all of us who were a part of it!  The happy couple is recuperating in the Bahamas for the next two weeks (too bad they didn't need their godmother to go along **sigh**)....I'll post a pic on my blog (

In the meantime, I finished block 5 of Amish With A Twist and it came out awesome .....
Block 5 - Star Block - Amish With A Twist

Completed it last night.  Tonight I came home and worked on Block 6 (there were errors....oops!), it took a little longer than expected but it too is done!  Note, I also got two more sets of strips for the border done.....

Block 6 - Hour Glass Block - Amish With A Twist

So... Block 7 is also on it's way to being done, along with another extra.  I love the way this pattern is coming together.  Nancy Rink really did a great job with this.  As you prepare the blocks you are also preparing all the other parts of the quilt so at the end it will just be a matter of putting it all together.  Some nights I wish I could just keep going, but we all know what happens when you do too much, mistakes happen.....and I hate un-sewing!  (back stitching)

Yesterday was fun, Rochelle dropped by to show off her finished quilt.  It was one of our great Mystery Quilts - the one night mystery!  She did a great job and she says her daughter loves it.....
Rochelle's Mystery Quilt

Today was a fun day for me, Linda came by to get some fabrics for a quilt she wants to make.  She got some of those fabulous Champagne Beiges.  I'm actually in the middle of designing a quilt using some of those fabrics (not putting down Amish With A Twist!) and will have a pattern ready in a wee while.

Liz came by with lunch, what a treat!  Then I had a great afternoon checking out some new fabrics for the store (I'm excited about some of the great new stuff that's coming - which prompted a few more quilt pattern ideas!)

Late in the day Lyn and Jessie came by - new quilters and so we set about getting Lyn started on a great quilt with some charm squares she had.  I hope she comes by and shows me her progress,  it's going to be awesome!

Okay - I think I'll go back to Block 7.....

Happy Quilting!


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