Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Asian Invasion......

Talk about a busy week for me!  Thursday night we, Linda cutting and Gillian and I packing, were busy getting the Amish With A Twist first installments ready for pick-up.  In the meantime there were 4 large boxes of fabrics to unpack.

That happened on Friday - first 12 bolts of Kyota, which this picture (of course) does not due justice to.  I've already started a project using 6 of these fabrics - you'll see it further down the page.  

 12 bolts of Kyota next to our gorgeous Champagne Lights

Then there are an additional 17 bolts of Honoka from Anna Griffin which is absolutely gorgeous!  The feel of this fabric is gorgeous too!  Oh, and I started yet another project - check below...... 
 Anna Griffin's Honoka

I have a new spot for great new fabrics - it's Jo-Ann's Treasure Chest - a place where I can put all my favourites.....

 Check out my Treasure Chest

Introducing Riley Blake - Serenity!  It is absolutely stunning!  You really have to see this in person and I will tell you that it is going fast.... The Friday night crew and the Saturday bunch has already had their cuts.....

 Serenity by Riley Blake

Okay, okay, I know!!!  Yet another project on the go!  This one is at the store and I'm gonna try for a "block a day".  It's a Bento Box - and I'm using those fabulous Honoka prints from Anna Griffin.  I can't wait to see how it evolves but I had to, because I had a dream......seriously, I dreamt about this quilt Friday night.....
 New Project - Bento Box with Honoka
Of course there is still the Amish With A Twist on the go - Block #9 is finally done (there was a slight lull there while I got other important stuff done).

 Block #9 - Star Diamond Block

Then of course there are my little extra blocks I made from the left overs.
 Leftovers from Block #9

Block # 10 - Square In A Square is also done.  There were no leftovers with this one (unfortunately). 
 Block #10 - Square In A Square

Do you remember the Radical Rail - I've got 20 blocks done!  That's two thirds of the quilt top!!!  Almost there.......
 Radical Rail - soon to be a pattern and a class

That didn't stop me - here's Block #11 - Hole in the Barn Door, again no leftovers for blocks, but that's okay, I have plenty for an "extra" project.  I'll keep you all posted on that idea.
 Block #11 - Hole in the Barn Door

This is project #3 -  Nine by Twelve!  It's made from 6 of those great Kyota fabrics and the first 3 rows are together.  Working on the next 3 now.....
My Kyota Project

I spent the whole afternoon quilting away and it was wonderful!  I love it when I have a day to quilt.....amazing what I can get done!  We'll be kitting a few of these great projects too!

Happy Quilting!


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