Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I did on my Easter vacation.....

Before I share my vacation with you, I want to put a picture up for posterity.  I have the most amazing customers, don't think I don't know this.  You are all so good to me, which brings me to the photo.

One of my customers, Esme, who lives in South Africa, made a rare trip to Toronto to visit her son and his family.  She came by the store and brought me a most beautiful gift.....aren't they gorgeous, and the scent was truly amazing!  Now this photo will preserve them forever!

A gift from Esme

Between Monday and Thursday Sit & Sews there is always lots of production going on.  You know how I love sharing some of these projects and this one is no exception.  Linda finished her charity quilt for York Heritage Quilters' Guild.  The fabrics came from the guild stash so the 60's look is not Linda's choice bur she did a great job with what she had - even if she did have to raid Raili's 60's stash to finish it.....
 The front

The back

Now, we get to how I spent my Easter vacation.  Four days, Friday to Monday, it was great!  Let's see, I did laundry, I cleaned a little which prompted list making (ugh), and some quilting!  As I had planned, I got started on Amish With A Twist.....
Amish With A Twist

I started from the beginning - Block 1 - Rail Fence.  The neat part about this Block of the Month is that you are making other parts of the quilt as you are constructing the blocks.  Below is the Rail Fence block, plus strips that will be the inside border in two colour ways.

Block 1 - Rail Fence - Amish With A Twist

Then came Block 2 - Four Patch Block.  This is where I got a little confused!  When you look at the quilt, you see 12 different blocks, so when the cutting instructions told me to cut strips for the four patches, I thought, why would I waste all that fabric to make one block?  Well that prompted me to take a look at the quilt and guess what - this one actually makes 3 of the same block, 2 of which are for the 2 opposite corners of the large border, plus strips for the inside border.

Block 2 - Four Patch Block - Amish With A Twist

The last one I managed to finish was Block 3 - Nine Patch Block.  This one is also very straight forward and there are no extras here, just the block.  So that concludes "package" #1.  I've shown the leftover fabrics here from the first installment.
 Block 3 - Nine Patch Block - Amish With A Twist

A few tips for this BOM:

1 - Read through each pattern carefully before starting.
2 - Check your cutting instructions for all three patterns before beginning to cut so you can plan your fabric.
3 - Work on one block at a time and all the extras and it's as easy as pie....

I haven't finished any more blocks but Kay was in today to do some quilting and I managed to cut out the next 6 blocks plus the extras for installments 2 and 3, so blocks and tips will be forthcoming soon.

I have to say, I am really enjoying this process.  It's been awhile since I did a Block of the Month and one of my favourites is the variance in the blocks.  This one may actually end up on my bed, once it's done......That may be one of the reasons I haven't painted my bedroom yet!  Holding out for the perfect quilt!

Happy Quilting!


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