Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am finally in the same place as the camera is! Need to make a resolution to get organized, actually to re-organize. It seemed that the past two weeks - whenever I wanted to sit down at the computer and blog, the camera was in the "other" place. If I was at home - the camera was at the store! If I was at the store I had left the camera home!

Last Friday night was our monthly Sit and Sew. After dinner (Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, String Beans and Apple Crisp with Ice Cream) we all got down to some serious sewing.......

Libby has finished yet another UFO - she found these blocks lying around the house and just went for it! Hasn't decided what the backing will be so she's putting it away for now but she's already on to her next project and busy hand-quilting two quilts at home......her sabbatical is paying off. She even worked in the store on Saturday and Sunday.
This is Marion's project (one of them) which she was busy's a Buggy Barn Pattern which although a little late for this year I do plan to order in.....and it is adorable. She's determined to get it done to hang this Halloween.
We needed to take some extra pics because the "two witches" kept moving their feet.......

It's hard to tell from the pics but the witches legs (on the quilt) dangle down and are 3 dimensional.......(By the way the feets underneath the quilt belong to Marion and Elaine).
On October 5th the Beginner Machine Quiltmaking class started - and I am very proud of my student (only had one sign up this term) because on Monday October 19th she brought in her first quilt top! Isn't it great!
Katie's already starting on her second top! She has caught the quilting bug! We're gonna get her machine quilting at the next class!
I have to admit I normally wouldn't teach a class with only one student but she was so excited to start that I couldn't disappoint and she is certainly making it all worthwhile by her enthusiasm.
We just received a huge shipment from our suppliers with a bunch of new stuff so I'm off to mark fabric!!!! Will let you know what came in soon!
Happy Quilting!

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