Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not much to tell.....

Since I wasn't in the store much today there really isn't alot to tell! I was here, in the back, working on the books - ugh! So Barb did all the work and got to see all the good stuff.......

Andy dropped by with quilt #3 - which is stunning as usual and we got a pic (I should really let Barb take the pictures - I am sooooo bad at it!)

The block pattern is from Barbara Brackman's Facts and Fabrications and Andy used shirting along with some Civil War prints to make it. It will look beautiful on the bed......

She has gone off with more fabric and another book I think to start her 4th quilt. She is absolutely amazing and I really think she's enjoying herself.

My saving grace is, I know that once all the book work is done I WILL have time to quilt. I keep trying to steal time here and there and then I get behind in the books and have to scramble to get caught up.....need to organize my time so there's some kind of "happy" medium!

It's 11:15 P.M. and I am finally leaving for home......maybe tomorrow I will be able to stitch a little. Night all!

Happy Quilting!


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