Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's all my fault!

I can explain!  When I decided to have a "Sale" in May - I wanted it to have a name.  If you remember - the first week in May (actually the first 10 days) were really, really cold!  So I went online to check the weather predictions for the month and they said it was going to be "really cold" all month......okay, so I name the sale Cold Days In May - well, the day after the newsletter and e-mail went out suddenly it's the middle of summer!  I imagine most of you want to thank me for the sudden weather change......so I'll take it!  Your very, very welcome and we are all enjoying it!  I was actually sitting out on the bench in front of the store for a little while today and over the weekend stitching....very pleasant!

I also owe you all an apology for my "lack of communication" the past two weeks - I do like to keep everyone up to date on the blog but have been feeling a little "under the weather" (no pun intended) for a little while so once the day is over I am done!  Home, rest and bed!

However, although my hands have been somewhat idle - others are very, very busy - Nancy completed her two pillow covers and they are absolutely adorable.....

The Cow

The Sheep

Alas, I am still working on my hen.......however, I have completed the quilt top for the Mystery Quilt on July 30th!  Aha - way ahead of myself!  Just need to get borders on and it will be ready to quilt!  NO PICTURE - It's a Mystery! Duh! (By the way there are only a few spaces left in that class - so if you're interested - get your name in!)

Barb finished quilting an adorable Baby Quilt but she's taken it home to bind so we won't see it for a few days (we're going to kit them)!  The best part about it is it can do for a boy or girl, so you can whip one up and have it on hand for that next 'Baby gift"!

That's about it for today - Laurissa is in the classroom working on a really cool quilt top while she teaches Patchwork Sampler and the ladies are definitely enjoying the "cool" air conditioned classroom tonight.....I will soon go back and do some more work on my Sweet Tea Block of the Month Quilt.....need to get those borders on so I can get it quilted.....

Oh my goodness - I can't believe that I didn't remember I had pictures from our Friday night Sit & Sew that I wanted to share (until I saw them on the camera).  As usual it was a full house and Barb was on KP duty again......

What I really wanted to show you was what Linda has been diligently working on for months......Oh my Gosh!  - no that's the name of the quilt and seriously the name is very appropriate!  (Mind you - I could have come up with a much better name and GOSH would not be the keyword!)  It is stunning, what else can I say!

From afar........(that's Elaine's Bargello on the left - class August 22nd and Elaine's T-shirt quilt on the right - class July 7th)
And close-up.........

Like I said - Oh my Gosh is not my first reaction.......those are really, really, really small blocks!

Happy Quilting!


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Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! That quilt is gorgeous!