Sunday, May 30, 2010

Had to keep quiet!

The past week I have been very busy at home trying to get the house in order!  There were two reasons, one is - I'm thinking very seriously of putting it up for sale and Number Two - I was Getting ready for a house guest!  (That by far was the more important reason)

I actually had the air conditioning on most of the week while I was working and when asked "How the air conditioning is?"  my darling son replied, "Too cold?"  - If that doesn't sell the house I'm not sure what will!  His room is in the basement and it was so cold down there we had to close most of the registers, but after taking apart my bed on Monday, without air-conditioning on, and removing "two Bosley's and a Simon" in volume of hair with the shop-vac I decided I deserved a little pampering and turned the air on.....luckily the second bedroom and the rest of the house were less of a challenge.

Friday night we had our monthly Applique club and although (seems to be the norm) I didn't get anything done there were some great pieces being worked on....we missed you Annadel!  ....and Teresa, one of these days I promise - you will see me sew!

This is one of Suzie's and I have to say I love it!  (Put it on the list!)  She also did something very innovative which I'm sure some of you have tried.  Some of her background fabrics were too dark so she turned them around and used the other side!  What a great idea!  Sometimes when you are looking for the perfect colour that really is the solution!

Nancy is working on her Piecemakers Calendar Quilt - she is doing a class at Hobby Horse with Elaine and it is just coming out spectacular - check out the bears.......

My "surprise" guest arrived Friday afternoon so Richard suggested that I replace the barbecue - that prompted a trip to No Frills on Eglinton (at Black Creek) for the perfect meal fixings.....If you have never been to this No Frills - you have to stop in!  First of all their produce is to die for!  I am not a Loblaws/No Frills shopper but I think I may soon become one!  I prepped the meal and Richard cooked - it was divine!  Fresh corn on the cob which was so sweet it didn't need butter, lamb chops seasoned with a cracked pepper vinaigrette, red, yellow, orange peppers, portobello mushrooms and a spanish onion seasoned with the same vinaigrette and barbecued and a tossed salad with baby red onions!  Nancy waited very patiently until after 7:00 P.M. to have her dinner delivery but she said it was worth the wait!

Saturday was a beautiful day and although I feel like I got nothing done - it was still a great day!  We had barbecue again, hot dogs this time - also really good!

Today was the reason my "surprise" guest had come to visit.  She was taking Carolyn's Nine Days In May class.

Can you guess who this is?????

Our own Libby came for the weekend and we have had a great time surprising all her friends at the store and fellow quilters...........

Here are some of the blocks all the girls made in the class today....they are really having a great time!

....and a few more.....

...and the ladies very busy at work!

...and leave it to Libby to find something to buy?!?!?

Not sure what we're doing tonight, if Libby has anything to do with it - it will involve quilting!  The poor women has had withdrawal symptoms since she moved 3 weeks ago.....couldn't find anything and I believe her rotary cutter is still missing......I have no complaints - could use some relaxation!

I have been sorting and cleaning and de-cluttering all week so I could really use some R & R - which for me is any form of quilting!  Speaking of which, I have decided to pare down the home library and have brought a (truckload) of books to the store for sale.....figured I would offer up all the good books I've managed to accumulate over the years to my friends before I threw them in the it's called the "First Dibs Sale!"......check it out if you're in the store - there's other great stuff too!

Happy Quilting!  (I'm off to play with my friends!)



Nancy said...

Please tell Richard I loved my dinner, It was so good sorry I forgot to get my own, you are so good to me!

Nnacy said...

Hi I wonder when Jo ann is going to update the blog? I am tired of looking at Nancys silly piecemakers.