Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have proof!

Quilting is an addiction!  On Saturday January 15th I awoke to a raging blizzard!  I looked outside and contmeplated whether to open the store!  If it wasn't for the fact that I own the store and I was the one opening up that morning - I would have turned around and either gone back to bed or downstairs to my studio to quilt - aha!

Driving up the Castlefield hill at 2 mph (because I have no tread on my front tires - another story!) I wondered if anyone would show up for Christmas Club, scheduled for 10:30 A.M.!  I thought - who, besides me, would be crazy enough to go out in this weather?!?!

They came - from near, from far, by car, walking!  They came!  I was blown away!  There were 6 of them!  More crazy quilters.....and to top it off, before the storm abated there were customers coming in?!?! 

It was alot of fun and we pretty much had the store to ourselves for the first hour but the phone kept ringing and everyone was gung-ho to get started on the first block of Welcome to the North Pole!  (The books are in!)

I was really glad I got dressed, cleaned off the car and struggled up that hill on Saturday.  However, I also found out that this addiction is incurable!  I'm seriously thinking of writing a 12 step plan here!

On the other hand, what could be better than getting snowed in at a quilt store with thousands of metres of fabrics and all the patterns to go with it, not to mention a few sewing machines and rotary cutters!  It's a quilters' dream!

Happy Quilting!


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