Saturday, January 8, 2011

"I taut I saw a puddy cat?"

What can I say - it's the first thing that came to mind when I saw this fabric line!  They just came in yesterday and already two panels and the co-ordinates to make the quilt are gone.........

So before they all disappear - here's what's new!

The Panel

 The co-ordinates.......
 The FREE Quilt Pattern......
I know quilters love cats and these are just too adorable to pass up......

On another note, it was a very stormy morning to say the least (not sure why I ventured out - oh yeah, to open the store!) and so the ladies pretty much cancelled the Healing Heroes Day so we are aiming for the 22nd of January if anyone is interested.  (We'll call it a snow day!)! 

As I arrived this morning (at 10:20 A.M.) I was surprised to see that there was a customer waiting for me!?!?!  But not just any customer, a visitor from Ottawa with her husband on their way back home!  It was so cool, to hear that she really wanted to see the store before she drove back home!  I hope they made it to the Kingston and Belleville stores too, which was their plan!  Well, seriously, isn't that the only way to plan a road trip, map out the quilt stores and time your stops!

Turned out she was not the only quilter who ventured out today!  I have to admit though, I will be very happy to go home tonight and hibernate until tomorrow......or quilt, whichever feels better!

Happy Quilting!


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