Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  The weather was pretty interesting, warm, rainy!?!?

The newslwtter is on it's way by snail mail and will be up on our website in the next couple of days.  We are really excited about this one - lots of new ideas and new classes!

Nancy and I had fun on Thursday and Friday, we were pretty busy with the sale on, not to mention having some wonderful visitors from Norfolk, England, Kingston, Ontario and Boston, Massachusetts!  Quilters travel and when they travel they look for quilt stores!  I know when I'm on the road I'm always looking for quilt stores.  What fun it is to meet all these wonderful people!

Nancy brought in one of her recent projects...check it out!  I love it and now of course I want to make my own!

We also picked out the fabrics for our new Block of the Month - Aunt Millie's Garden, there are 2 colourways - Brights and Classic!

Month 1 - Brights

Month 1 - Classic

Month 2 - Brights

Month 2 - Classic

How can you resist this quilt!?!?  If you love applique, this quilt will definitely be on your TO DO list.....

On another note, and in the spirit of "catching up", last Wednesday was the final meeting of the Patchwork Sampler Block of the Month.  It's truly amazing what these girls did with their scraps.....okay, there were a few fabrics purchased for this one but mostly they went to their stashes to do this quilt....

Here's Linda' batiks!

Here's Barbara's on the right.....she's a new quilter!  Awesome!

Here's Kristin's......

Here's Rosemary's....with post it notes for numbering the blocks!

Here's Pat's - wait a minute, that's not Patchwork Sampler!  Oh, okay, she had guests this week and couldn't find her blocks (likely story) she's working on a book panel quilt.....

...and Jean's doesn't seem to be here either!  Well they've decided to make a date in the New Year to meet and show off their quilts....I can't wait!

I'm off to do some quilting myself!

Happy Quilting!


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