Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today was all about the Healing Heroes for Quilts of Valour that meet at the store the first Saturday of each month.  These ladies and gents are incredible.  Today they added another 12 quilts to their incredible total (well over 200 quilts).  I am so honoured to play a small part in what these volunteers do, even if it is just to provide space for their are the 12 quilts.....some of which I know who made them, some, unfortunately I did not get names for......
FYI - the pics are unedited due to a glitch with my camera (and the photographer probably!)......
 The above quilt is made by Rochelle
I tried to crop it on the camera and messed up the whole photo
It appears again behind other quilts that were photographed
It's a great little pattern and goes together pretty quickly
 This one is also Rochelle's, another great pattern
 Not sure who did this one but yet another great pattern
I think this one is Sylvia's (I know she brought it in?!?)
It's the 1,600 Inch quilt
There's Rochelle's quilt in the background - really nice job there! 
 This is another 1,600 Inch quilt
 I think this is Sandra's - lovely pattern
 Another 1,600 Inch quilt
 Definitely not sure who did this one - but it's a lovely flannel quilt
 This one was done by Violet - closer look shows the great pattern
 Judy did this one - great autumn colours - really bright
 Peter put this one together and did the awesome quilting
He and Bill worked on the great design - mixed 9 patches
done in a trip around the world pattern
Again - Peter put this one together and quilted it beautifully
They sweep in at 10:00 A.M. and begin working.  They spend the whole day working hard on piecing, quilting, binding, etc.. and at the end of they day they go home with loads done and more to do.  They bring them all back truly amazes and inspires!!!!
Thank you Virginia for all those years ago asking me to be a part of this undertaking!!!!  You have all made me feel, in many ways, a useful part of this group!  I hope we will all be meeting together for many years to come.....
For anyone who wants to donate quilting fabric or a quilt to Healing Heroes, please call the store for more information....
Happy Quilting!

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