Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting better.....

Only took 4 days this time! Trying to get to it but by the time I can sit down to do the blog it's usually into the wee hours of the morning. I've been trying to get a little more sleep these days, so...... Slowly but surely I will get back to a routine and blog more often!

Yesterday (Wednesday) one of our customers brought in her finished top to pick a backing! Isn't this gorgeous! She made the quilt from the Primitive Log Cabin Pattern by Sandy Lindal! It is so stunning, in batiks and florals....all in mauves and purples and blacks.....luscious!

Today we had our early meeting of U.G.R.R. (Underground Railroad) so Nancy was on hand to help Edie hold up her rendition of Chicken Buffet which she named ChicK Flicks! It's from the book Chicken Buffet and she used all kinds of rooster and chicken fabrics (hmmmm! wonder where she got those????). This picture does not do this quilt any's adorable! Sandy Lindal quilted it for her and did an amazing job as usual!

Last night I finally got to use the "F" word - FINISHED! on something. The Indoor, Outdoor Cats quilt is done. Here I am (Jonathan loves catching me unawares) on the porch "finishing" the binding. You will soon see it kitted - gotta get the pattern written. Oh wait a minute so I'm not actually finished yet?!?!

Kathy teaches a class on the Spiral Table Runner/Placemat and here's another one of her great ideas....the colours are fabulous on this one.....she just used a focus fabric for the centre and away she went.
Even though Mary hasn't been working in the store for the summer we still keep her busy.... She finished the I Believe Panel Quilt for us and it looks sensational. The fabrics from Nancy Halvorsen for Benartex are gorgeous (had to order two more bolts of a few 'cause we sold them so fast).....
For those of you who love the landscape fabric - the birch trees are back in stock!
These are so realistic and they sold out pretty quickly (I didn't even get a piece)
We also got in the Fish and's great fabric and just in time to do up some Christmas gifts for that special Fisherman in your life......
Iced Mocha from Henry Glass is almost all here too! We should have the rest of it by next week! Check out the free pattern for Iced Mocha at under New Free Projects.
In the meantime,
Happy Quilting!

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Betweens said...

what a great show and share!! love the quilts. Also thanks for the link they have some great PDF files for free patterns too.. and that Henry Glass fabric is to die for