Sunday, August 30, 2009

New again......

First I would like to share a quilt with you! Karin had been collecting reds and whites and blacks for a long time when she decided to take the Raindrops class with Laurissa. Yesterday she brought in her finished top to share with us! It is absolutely stunning - kudos Karin!
You've seen this one before - I posted it last week but Barb has won the challenge and finished a fabulous grocery bag with it! Shopping bag really and because it's canvas it really is a sturdy bag......come in and check it out! I think she'll be offering a class and it didn't take long at all!
I was downtown on Thursday morning at Bay and Bloor and we parked at the Green P on Cumberland - as I was walking by The Toy Store bubbles started following me so I needed to find out why.......the cutest bear with sunglasses sits on a chair outside the store and blows bubbles! Gotta get me one of these!

Finally, the new stuff! A whole bunch of red and whites and black and whites to add to all of your collections! I actually need the black and whites for a quilt I have been saving up for for two years now.....maybe I can finally get started! Oops! Shhhhhh - I'm not allowed to start anything until I finish some stuff! I still have to do the back of my "Masterpiece" flannel quilt and get some labels and bindings on a bunch of quilts......and today is August 30th! Gotta get that newsletter out too!.....and plan lunch for tomorrow, and go to my mom's for dinner, and go food shopping...........and we won't even bother with the list for the "other" office! Exactly how many hours are in a day anyway!

All I know is that my house looks like it did before the BIG CLEANUP OF 2009! That's what Barb calls it - and I'm not sure how it got that way (my son had a lot to do with it and Bosley doesn't help much - he only picks up what's edible) so on that note I will say.....
Happy Quilting!
Jo-Ann (off to get started on that list I just made.....)

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