Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some new, some now, some old......

Let's start with what's NEW! These adorable play panels by Avlyn - Monster Trucks! These will make a great (should I say it - okay - I kind of have to) Christmas gift for that little boy on your list! Add a couple of Tonka Trucks and hours of fun will await!To make it bigger or enhance it we have the co-ordinating fabrics to go with it! The brown one in the centre are tire tracks in the mud - how cool is that!
For something NOW we have two quilts! "Our" Kathy has been very busy! She has made two quilt tops in the past few weeks from one book! Scrapbasket Surprise is just a treasure of ideas and gorgeous quilts. The one below is a pinwheel and it is just stunning.....
This one is Snail's Trail takes a Detour (I think that's the name) and Kathy used RJR Tuxedo's to make it - this one may be worth a class in the fall - let us know if you're interested because that newsletter is slowly getting done (hopefully by Monday)!
....and now for something OLD! I originally made this quilt for my grandmother who passed away in 2001(is that old enough????) The top sat around for five years and when I decided to open the store I "bit the bullet" and sent it to Sandra Reed to be quilted.......but, when I got it back I couldn't find the binding I had already cut.
Now, noone would say that I am stubborn BUT I was determined to find that binding rather than cut more.....frugal maybe??!!! Anyway, when Barb and I did the infamous cleaning of the studio, lo and behold the binding turned up, so I got Sharon to sew it on and then I hand sewed it on the porch over two evenings and (I get to use the F word again) IT IS FINISHED! Except for the's going to my uncle in Colorado!

Although it is a little hard to see the brown on the fabric is squirrels and Sandra did the most amazing quilting which again may be hard to decifer here but she did squirrels and oak leaves - it is just gorgeous! I remember buying the fabric out in Burlington at The Quilters' Cupboard. I'm thrilled to be getting all these UFO's out of the studio......
So I thought I would leave you all tonight with a Bosley "moment"! Trust me it was only a moment - he doesn't sit still for long........(Barb calls him the perpetual motion machine!)
Good night, god bless and Happy Quilting!


Cathie said...

Joanne, I need to know what pattern your 'grandmother' quilt is, and what size is it?

Cock-A-Doodle Quilts said...


It's actually from a Better Homes & Gardens book which I will try to locate for you and I will bring the quilt in on Sunday so you can see it first hand! How's that?!