Monday, August 10, 2009

Thought I'd share.....

It's been a long and stressful week, so what else is new! Monday started with our store computer crashing (and burning - not literally - but might as well have)! Of course the IT guy was taking a holiday on Monday and we weren't able to get it to him until late Tuesday and then SILENCE! Not a word for two days.....Thursday he promised it would be back Friday and it was - for about an hour when he found out his techs didn't check if the programs were actually working! Hmmmmm! Anyway, hopefully we will be up and running some time tomorrow but since I have heard nothing I am not so sure.....

So - thank you to all my patient customers who patiently waited while we calculated everything the "old fashioned" way and please forgive us any mistakes in your bills. If you do find one please let us know and we will gladly correct them. Once we're able to put everything back onto the computer we will find our mistakes and you will certainly hear from us!

In order to DE-STRESS tonight I headed for my "sanctuary" - my home quilting studio. When I bought my house in 2004 the first room I planned out to renovate was my studio. I wanted it to be the perfect room to quilt in so I had my fabulous cabinetmaker make up some amazing pieces. The cabinet below holds all my "works in progress" as well as two drawers full of patterns, kits and fabrics.

Along the left wall I have my design wall, ironing board and thread spool holder.
Then I had him build a counter with cabinets below to house more "works in progress", kits, and fabric - I also have a computer and printer set up for my quilting needs. It really is my dream studio although I wouldn't mind it being twice the size.....ha, ha!
So after a long day at the store and dinner at my mom's I headed down to do some work in the studio. To be honest, two month's ago I couldn't find a thing in here but during the "big clean up" Barb and I really got the place in order and the other day I came down to get something and found it immediately, exactly where it was supposed to be - how cool is that! Tonight I went down and was able to start working right away because everything was where it is supposed to be.
I needed to make a block to send off somewhere which I did quite quickly and then I squared up my "miniature" Bubblegum Basics quilt so it's all ready to get borders tomorrow night (I hope). I also (because we organized everything) found the quilt that I want to have one of the girls put a binding on for me so got that all ready to go and then I found a stack of flannel 1/2 square triangles that needed to be trimmed so I took them upstairs with my favourite DVD - Coyote Ugly and while I watched my movie I squared them off.....I am completely relaxed now.....
Tomorrow the stress will return when the unknown number of boxes arrive from our supplier and nothing can be marked or put into stock until the computer returns home.......oh well! We just take one day at a time and hope for the best...but needless to say we want to get those boxes unpacked so you can see all the new stuff we have, not to mention get all those notions into stock that have disappeared over the past few weeks!
It truly is amazing how we have come to rely on technology to get us through the day.....but I have to say, it is really frustrating when technology doesn't co-operate!
Thank heavens for quilting - the natural de-stresser, which sure gets me through the day!
Happy Quilting!

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