Thursday, July 15, 2010

Always something......

What's truly wonderful about owning a quilt store is that there is always something happening!  I can't believe it's Thursday already...where does the time go????

Tuesday was our "Underground Railroad Club" meeting (or Tuesday night Sit & Sew - since we don't all work on the UGRRC stuff...)  As a matter of fact, Fiona has just come back from the Vermont Quilt Show where she took a great class.....check this out!

The center is the photo and the fabrics are matched to extend is soooooo cool!  Fiona has agreed to teach it for us, possibly in the Fall!  

She's also working, just finishing, this adorable pattern she picked up at the show......Isn't he cool!
Of course since everyone was showing off their work I was required to run home and get Sweet Tea so they could see the quilting........It's almost done, the dark pink border, the teacups and the final green border are all that's left...if I get far enough tonight when I go home I will show you all a little trick I figured out for putting on a label tomorrow!

Wednesday Carolyn was in to teach her "Bag In a Day" class, we have renamed it - the "Bag in a Minute" because it really does do up very are a couple of the bags the girls made.....

Kathy did my recent (April 30th) Mystery Quilt and came up with a fabulous idea!  She made a gift for her travel firiend - the girl she travels with all over the world!  In the large focus squares she has added photos of all of their trips together.....this quilt is really turning out to be a winner!

....and Linda finished her Mystery Quilt and spent the afternoon admiring her handiwork along with deciding how and with what colour to quilt it......I think she was working on something else as well......
Now I can preen a little, one of my students in the Beginner Quiltmaking class brought in her finished quilt today and it is absolutely awesome!  (I even like the quilt I designed).....Andy did an great job!

Here's her quilting on the back!  She did a wonderful job!

Liz was in today for Sit & Sew and showed me her Sweet Tea quilt blocks.......
just a little different.....

You know what they say, best laid plans - well, not so much - I may not get much quilting done tonight as Karen and Raili came by with a friend from Montreal and we're going to head out to dinner at The Big Slice on St.Clair (near Dufferin)!  I'll give you my restaurant review tomorrow.......since I've never been there, but the girls do rave about it so we shall see!

Libby called tonight and she's back in the garden (I distracted her with quilting but now she's back doing what she has to do)!  She was sitting out on that gorgeous porch talking to me when Lorenso called her in for I miss you guys! 

Off to dinner soon, so I'll just say,

Happy Quilting (in hopes I get some done tonight!)!


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