Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's coming up.....

First, before I forget, we were all lucky enough to be able to share Kathy's birthday on Monday!  It was great having her here for Sit & Sew and it worked out quite well seeing as we managed to surprise her with a cake.....
...and Barb managed to put the finishing touches on her Rag Quilt which really came out nice!  She used the homespuns and chose the turquoise blue with yellow.......

Just a reminder for those who have forgotten....Barb is teaching her Beginner Paper Piecing class on Friday from 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M..  The patterns are from the Tea Time book and are really cute.  There are a few spaces left if you are interested.....and this Friday night is the Applique Club meeting (Rosemary this reminder is for you!) hope to see you all there!

I am still busily quilting Sweet Tea and hopefully will get to the label stage this evening, if I ever go home!  I have printed out the label -

It's about half the size of an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper and I used Printed Treasures Fabric Sheets for Inkjet Printers to print it on.  I designed it in Microsoft Word using Clip Art for the teacup and teapot.  My plan is to place it in the back left hand corner of the quilt before I complete the quilting so that it will be stitched into the back of the quilt.  The reason for this is so that it's extremely hard to remove and becomes an integral part of the actual quilt.  In addition when I sew on the binding, before I secure it by hand, I take a Pigma Pen and write in all of the information on the quilt label.  In the event that someone decides to abscond (nice word for steal) with the quilt, they would have to take out a portion of the quilting and replace the binding to hide the original label information.......This may seem like "overkill" but, when you spend the money, time and effort to produce a "handmade" quilt it seems to me you should be the one who gets the recognition!!!!

Once I'm ready to put the label on I will show you how I place it so that the quilting secures a portion of it.

Virginia asked for more information on the "orphanage" quilts that Gillian has been working on.  Gillian has made 32 (or more) quilts for an orphanage in Bangladesh.  This is in memory of a young woman who died tragically in a car accident leaving a young baby and husband behind.  This young woman had worked in the orphanage for a period of time and Gillian took it upon herself to make quilts for all the orphans in her memory.

I am going to put some borders on a quilt before I leave tonight and then I am going home to continue my "focus" project, which is getting Sweet Tea quilted.....  Trust me, with the amount of time I have spent quilting this quilt "sweet" is not the word I have been calling it......although, I must admit I am enjoying the quilting part!  It just seems to be taking so long and I am totally obsessed with getting it DONE!

Happy Quilting!


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