Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm back...!

I really didn't want to leave!  However, I'm sure both Libby and Lorenso are happy to have their home back to themselves for awhile.....

To continue from where I left off.....Lisa finally called us to dinner Saturday night at around 9:20 P.M..  Libby and I were ready to faint from hunger but it was worth waiting for.......a Chicken Greek Salad....

After dinner we all got back to the sewing machines.....and got alot done.  I think we headed to bed around 1:00 A.M.!  Lorenso had gone fishing with Libby's dad and wasn't due back until Sunday sometime.

By the time Lisa woke up Saturday morning (11:45 A.M. - barely made the morning!)  Libby and I had been up since 7:00 or 8:00 A.M. and I had gotten in a good 2 hours of quilting while Libby was busy doing more planting....I suddenly realized I was going to run out of thread and that just wouldn't do so we decided to head off the quilt stores.....

Since Lisa was heading home Saturday afternoon, she followed us as we set out for Ella's Quilts and Joy Quilts.  I will not divulge any pertinent information however, Libby has all the fabric for her Cosmic Twist Bargello and Lisa and I have some great quilts in mind from some magazines and patterns we "saw"?!?!  I did manage to snap a few photos of Joy Quilts this time.....oh yeah, and I did get all my thread!!!

Libby is still looking for stuff.......but she was very restrained!!!!

...and Lisa saw some things she might consider on her next trip!

Libby and I said our goodbyes to Lisa and headed back to the house for another night of quilting!  She managed to finish one of her quilt tops and showed me her "natural" design wall!  Hmmm - do you think in the olden days the women used to "pin" their blocks to the log cabin walls to design their quilts - what a concept!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day all around although we did some shopping and some quilting and Lorenso came back with lots of "fish tales" (no fish mind you!)  and I talked him into making Spaghetti Alla Olio again for dinner - actually I bribed him with goodies from Bulk Barn (one of our shopping stops!) was delicious again!

The last photo I have is of Lorenso installing the double gate to the backyard so I said to Libby - "You're closing the gate to make sure I don't come back too soon - ha, ha!"  I think we were both pretty sad to have the visit end!  I will tell you that there was a lot of creativity last night so you'll soon see the fruits of our labours in a couple of new patterns and kits.....

This morning I packed up to leave and thought I was ahead of the black clouds but they caught up with me around London and I had rain most of the way home......

It was great to get back to the store - I feel somewhat rested although the drive pretty much did me in for today!  I will go home and get a decent nights' sleep and a hot shower (not in that order)!...and be fresh for the morning......

Before I go - Liz brought in a quilt she made for a friend of her daughters as a wedding is absolutely gorgeous!

In the event that you don't recognize the pattern, it was the pattern I taught at our last Mystery Quilt night!  This was not the quilt that Liz made that night - she reused the pattern and added a couple of borders. I have to assume she liked the pattern!  Thanks Liz, it makes me feel good to know that these patterns get used and reused!

That's it for tonight -

Happy Quilting!


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