Monday, July 26, 2010

A week?!?!....

Really, a whole week has gone by since I blogged!  It is amazing how quickly the days go!  I do have some pictures to share, of course, as always!  They are from Friday.

The first is from Barb's Paper piecing class on Friday afternoon, a couple of the girls actually got quite a bit done -

Then I was busy in the kitchen making a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for dessert and Barb made a wonderful Greek Macaroni Salad for dinner for Applique Club.....

Barb had gone outside for a break and called a bunch of us outside to see the sunset - I got a very blurry picture but Nancy's are probably much better, we took quite a few....would make a great landscape background (without the ugly building of course)! 

I've started a "quilting" journal which is different from a "quilt" journal.  My quilting journal is to record how much time I spend quilting and what I am working on whereas, my quilt journal is more the story behind the quilts I make along with copies of labels and pictures.  The quilting journal really has a dual purpose - it keeps me focused on the projects I am working on as well as making me aware of the amount of time I actually spend quilting.....I'm enjoying it and it really motivates me to work on something, anything, almost every's like a blog in a book - ha, ha!  (Actually, isn't that what we used to do before blogs!)

To keep you all posted, I am still quilting Sweet Tea (taking forever, but I want to do a good job - kinda overshot my completion date), I am still hand-quilting Ditch Flowers and I am about to put the last border on the Mystery Quilt for this Friday night.  In addition I am busy designing a quilt pattern and am working on the actual I guess you could say I'm keeping busy, staying out of trouble!

Barb noticed the other day that our linoleum floor in the kitchen and classroom is a quilt pattern - duh!  Only took her nearly 4 years!  I'm kidding but she wanted to point it out so I took a picture for her!  LOL

Back to all my projects - it's been a productive day!

Happy Quilting!


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