Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm off!

Talk about "spur of the moment", I called Libby last night and told her I'm coming to visit!  I've been trying to get out there for weeks to no avail.  Everytime I think I can go - something else comes up!  I was scheduled to go next week and then realized I have major obligations that cannot be changed so I would have to put it off yet again.....

So, at 9:30 P.M. last night I called Barb and said - "Can you work Thursday night and Friday morning?"  As always she has my back - she said yes and told me to "get out of town".....  hmmm, not sure she'll actually miss me!

So it was decided!  Needless to say we have plans to sew - so I have packed at least 150 projects (yeah right! but close!)  and will probably get there and just hang out.....

The one thing I am taking is Sweet Tea to finish quilting!  We'll see if I can make my deadline of July 11th - it actually does look promising.....and I will be back on Sunday to show it off!

I will probably blog from Libby's if we're not too, too busy having too much fun and YES I will say hi from everyone!

Happy Quilting!


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Betweens said...

does that mean that while the hen of the house is away the chicks will play
any fabulous sales you don`t know about