Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boxing Day Sale!.....and other stuff!

All Christmas and Chanukah fabric is on sale for 25% off! I want it all out of here! I need to make room for all the new fabric that is coming into the store in the next few months......not to mention, I ordered gorgeous Christmas and Holiday fabric to replace it which will be arriving in May....I can't wait, lots of plans for projects. I will also be searching for Judaica fabrics for the store....not an easy task by any means but we try to bring you whatever we can find. I realize the signs from this distance are not easy to read but they do say 25% OFF!

I'm sure you are all wondering how I did with my front entrance and needless to say baring my "soul" to the masses really worked....The bakers rack used to be in front of the wall opening but I came up with a plan....If I moved it to the other side in front of the counter I would "kill two birds with one stone". 1) It would no longer act as a place to drop everything (except my keys) and 2) I would block Bosley from that side of the countertop - ingenious!

If you go back and look at the "before" picture you will see that on the left side ledge was where we started piling our coats....the pictures of Simon show him sitting on the pile. I was pretty fed up with that look, which led to me opening up "another can of worms", the coat closet....
4,000 plastic bags and all kinds of goodies including 2 "lost" shoes and a couple of jackets later.....Voila, below!
Not bad, a place to put shoes where Bosley can't get them, just need to get one of those rubber mats for the closet and I'm done. I'll stop at Lowe's on the way home and pick one up.
In addition to that I got 3 blocks done on Country Haven and designed a layout for a quilt I want to do...not the flannel as promised but that is coming! It's formulating in my head, see the steam!
I'm impressed with the way sharing my "home" has motivated me so I will share my kitchen counter with you in hopes that it will work yet again and a miracle will happen. If I lived on my own it would be easy but with the cat, the dog and the 25 year old SLOB! it gets to the point where I just want a bulldozer to come in! It seems that it will have to be a human bulldozer which is me. Wish me luck!
I will get back to you once it's done.....could be awhile!

Happy Quilting!


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