Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's been a pretty busy "day off" today. This morning I made two apple pies and stuffing for the turkey which went into the oven around 2:00 P.M. (it was a small turkey). We took everything over to my mom's and I made mashed potatoes and string beans with mushrooms there. She was very impressed with dinner. Needless to say I didn't get much else done although I'm almost finished transcribing the Winter/Spring class schedule into my daily diary.

Was hoping to get to designing a quilt today but that didn't happen. I also dodn't get any quilting, cleaning or laundry done. Best laid plans - (did not include making a turkey dinner....)

Since I talk about Simon and Bosley all the time I thought you might like to "meet" them. This is Simon, isn't he gorgeous! He's about 5-1/2 years old and adopted us when we moved into our house - someone must have abandoned him because he came neutered and house broken. He loves to go outside and sits on the ledge Meowwwwing! until we let him out.

This is THE LOOK as we call it - "Let me out now!"

This is Bosley - he just turned 2 this month and he is a big "gallut" (sp). Wants to see what the camera is all about - possibly eat it! If he can get close enough he will take a bite out of it.

Jonathan (my son) had just gone outside with the garbage and Bosley needed to make sure he was coming back in.........We call this - THE STANCE!
You will note, lying down - he takes up the whole length of the loveseat. He is not a "small" dog....but thinks he is a lap dog!
This pose is the one he learned from Simon when he was a puppy. Of course then he would get up on the top of the loveseat and plant himself in the window. Now he has to rest his butt on the arm of the loveseat. He can actually open that window and does so constantly - then rests his chin on the window ledge and is quite content. At his feet are just a few of his toys which he usually hides under the seat cushion.
You have now uncovered one of my New Year's Resolutions, which is to get curtains made for the living room/dining room windows after nearly 5 years in the house. It's sad, I have the fabric and I have the curtain rods - it's the time I lack. However, I intend to make time.....although, I'm not sure Bosley will be pleased.
Tomorrow I will try to get to the cleaning, laundry and quilting - especially the designing.....until then, Merry Christmas everyone and be safe!
Happy Quilting!

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Betweens said...

LOL.. JoAnne thanks for inviting us to your furbabies. They have lots of character.. much like you. I loved "the look" the stance". So glad you had a wonderful Christmas it is much deserved and glad you where able to celebrate with your mother in her home. Hope you get to sew some today.
Your fabrics are awesome as always and the snow is melting there is a chance for many to come and see you in the store for the new year. I am sure we quilters all have the same resolution more sewing, new fabric, and finish some UFO's.
Looking forward to sharing the New Year with you.