Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting down to business!

I thought I would share with you the progress (not) I've made on Country Haven. Pictured below are the 8 blocks cut out and ready to piece.......They have been like that since Tuesday morning (I had them covered so Bosley didn't get into them).

These are the 4 completed blocks. Already sewn together as per the pattern instructions - you sew them together in rows.....

Below is my entranceway to the house! Bosley is confused as to why I would take a picture of this! He is right, but I figured the embarrassment of baring my innermost secret (I am living in a pig sty) would motivate me to action. Needless to say another New Year's Resolution comes to mind here! I am going to treat myself to an hour of quilting and then get down to business....
I did get one thing done so far today - I downloaded EQ5 to my computer (it used to be on my laptop) and I will be installing the EQ6 upgrade tomorrow. I also designed a quilt - not the flannel but hopefully I will get to that later today or the meantime I am off to quilt and clean!
Happy Quilting!

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