Monday, March 16, 2009

Playing catch-up.......

This has been a long time coming.....I have a whole week of photos here! Oops! I took a few days off to "sleep" and although I feel guilty mentally, physically I feel human again!

First I will share our Underground Railroad Club pics! On the left are Chris's Dear Jane blocks - like a few of us, she started the quilt a while back and is hoping that our club will motivate her....In the centre and at the bottom is Nancy's Nearly Insane (which we've already proven that she is!) and on the right are my Civil War Diary Quilt blocks.
This picture has a portion of Chris's Dear Jane on the left - Above Nancy's Nearly Insane are 3 of her Dear Jane blocks and above that are the first block of The Underground Railroad Quilt blocks - I did mine in 12" and 6" and Nancy did hers in 6" and 3"???? (Told you she was insane!) Our next meeting is the 2nd Tuesday of April and the 2nd Thursday of April.....hopefully we will be taking pics of everyone's blocks......
Last Monday the UPS truck showed up with some great fabrics which I promised to let you see - so here they are - Jazz Lounge has multicoloured notes, instruments and black and white piano keys - the black on blue of the jazz players is really gorgeous too!
What can I say about English is absolutely gorgeous! The border print is stunning and the co-ordinates really are beautiful.
Awhile back we got in some tea towels which go with a Nancy Halvorsen book and Nancy did up a lunch bag and gift bag that are just adorable and from the book......

They come in some really great colours and make up for really great gifts......

.....and finally - Metro Goes "Au Naturel".....progress has been made (we spent Friday evening sewing at the store) It is definitely coming more session and the top should be done! Thanks again Carol, Elaine and Julia for all your help!!!! (We'll miss you this Friday night for sure!)
Okay, my son is not impressed - "a quilt's a quilt"! Of course this is the same child who says "Who buys big pieces of fabric, cuts them into small pieces of fabric, to make big pieces of fabric!" What does he know?!
Now that we're all caught up here I'll tell you that the UPS truck arrived again this I'll be catching up again!
Happy Quilting!

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Elailne said...


That quilt is lookin' good!!!!

And yes we will miss you all this Friday, however after 2 1/2 days of sewing, I think we are going to be sewed out!!!! We'll be there next month!!! Just watch and watch the blog for all the work we get done