Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tea with Mark!

When the announcement arrived that Mark Lipinski would be be coming to Northcott in Toronto Barb and I decided we had to go to meet him.....for me it was the second time I met Mark, I met him 2 years ago in Houston. He's amazing and with everything he's up to it's fun to know that he is still down to earth. He drove up here from New Jersey (his License Plate is Quilter) and he snapped photos all the way up! He's excited because he's going to get to see the lights on The Falls on his way back....check out his blog at www.marklipinskisblog.wordpress.com.
I wish he had time to stop by the store but he's going up to Cookstown tonght to do a trunk show for Darlene at Country Concessions.....we're going to head up shortly to catch the show. While I had his attention I got him to autograph my "collector's" copy of his last issue of Quilters Home (the one they banned from Jo-Ann's in the U.S.) - It says "Jo-Ann, Quilt naked, cupcake!" (perish the thought - get that right out of your head......)
So we made a pit stop at the store for coffee and the blog and now we're off to check out Country Concessions and Mark's Trunk Show......and the Notawasaga Inn.....(I'll take more pics tonight)....

Happy Quilting!


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