Monday, March 23, 2009

Threadpainting, etc.!!!

Threadpainting went off without a hitch yesterday and the classroom was buzzing! The ladies had a wonderful time - all you could here was giggles and laughter from the back all day......and they all accomplished something!
Check out this gorgeous piece........this class is really worth the time and don't forget it's an all day class so we provide lunch! You can just come and enjoy yourselves. Look for this class in our upcoming newsletter.
Monday Sit and Sew is always a pleasure! These ladies just keep producing quilts.....This is Rochelle's, it's a queen size quilt which is off to Joan Hug Valoriote for quilting tomorrow. She didn't fail to mention that all of the fabrics came from Cock A Doodle! It is also an inspiration for a quilt that Gail is going to do......

With Easter fast approaching, Barb could not resist one of the new Bunny Patterns we got in and managed to "FINISH" this this afternoon as well....see, she gets to use the "F" word every once in a while too!
As soon as Barb and I finish getting an order together for our suppliers, I am off to "finish" quilting some placemats which we just got in the store and also the A's, Bee's and Dandelion Seeds and it being Monday I plan on getting quite a bit done as there is loads of TV for me to watch! I am looking forward to 24, CSI Miami and Castle (time shifting is a blessing!).
Happy Quilting!

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