Thursday, March 26, 2009

Right on the Mark!

Mark Lipinski is a man of many layers. His Trunk Show was one of the best I've ever attended. Mark takes you on a journey from his early days in Pittsburgh to today with wonderful stories of his life. His humour is unparalleled and he is constantly poking fun at himself. He is an emotional guy and his emotions transfer into the threads of his quilts. Barb and I were laughing so hard, along with everyone else that we were squirming in our seats......

This quilt was one Mark made for his son Evan to take to camp. It's not the original but it appeared in McCall's Quick Quilts......
Each and every one of his quilts is stunning and his borders are amazing.....Mark believes, and I have to admit he has a point, borders can make or break your quilt.....We are always in such a hurry to complete our quilts that we tend to, as Mark puts it, "slap those borders on" but honestly when we take the time to do a pieced border it can be that finishing touch that really sets your quilt apart.

Another stunning quilt.....note the border here!

This quilt is silk! Check out the crazy quilt blocks in the centre and the ruffled border.....
Mark was sent a piece of fabric from Africa to design a quilt from - it was too beautiful to cut so he made a one fabric quilt out of it.
This is the back of the quilt - also one fabric piece.....

This is Mark's $200.00 quilt from Kazakhistan.....long story and I wish Mark was here to tell is absolutely stunning...he got it on EBay, sent the payment to Florida and the next thing you know the FBI show up at his door to find out who he knows in Kazakhistan - this was right after 911. You can imagine the shock!!!
He spoke for 2-1/2 hours and had us all mesmerized...absolutely one of the best 2-1/2 hours I've spent in a long, long time!
On the way out of Cookstown I couldn't leave without sharing this picture with you.....Gandy Dancer Saloon - Warm Beer, Bad Food - Sorry We're Open!!!!! ...and last but not least I would like to share a photo of some of our newest customers - they seem to be flocking to the store......
Happy Quilting everyone!
Jo-Ann and Barb

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MamaBagel said...

Hey did you two see Mark at the Nottawasaga Inn? How come there aren't any pictures of that???

The class with him was Fabulous - you have to have him teach at your store. Here's the link to my blog about it:

I'll be bringing all 80 of my blocks to the store next time (hopefully sewn together!)

Marian B