Friday, March 27, 2009

Taking a holiday!

I'm off for the next two to where???? Not sure! Barb will be in the store the next two days while I get some much needed ???rest??? Actually I will probably end up in my other office doing all kinds of paperwork, however I really do need a break from everything.

Before I take off, we had our own private Friday night Sit & Sew and I wanted to share the progress on Metro Goes "Au Naturel" -........

The centre is done! Now I just need to put on the 4 mitered borders. Hopefully next week some time. Just a little tip for those pesky mitres - since there are 4 borders I am going to make strip sets and attach them as one border therefore only having to mitre once at each corner - let's hope that works!

Maybe I'll clean the house tomorrow, or sleep all day or just veg - or work on all the other quilting projects I have in the works at home.......hmmm! (I'll probably drop in at the store just cuz!) Anyway, while I'm deciding what to do with two whole days off.....

Happy Quilting!


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Anonymous said...

What happened to "somebody". I saw references in your blog that you are doing this quilt!!