Saturday, January 17, 2009

Block of The Month Day.......

The third Saturday of every month is Block Of The Month and today marked the last class for Starry Nights and Fairy Dust, our BOM for 2008. Next month we start Crystal Reflections which is pictured below. The girls had a great lunch today....I had some salmon left from last nights Sit and Sew Dinner so they had Salmon Alfredo with Salad and Garlic Bread.
In order to make sure everyone gets the colourway they want we have the second colourwya on display in the store. I will be placing the order for the Block of the Month next week so anyone interested in signing up, whether you are coming for the class, picking up the kit or having it mailed to you should sign up so that you aren't disappointed.

I took a couple of magazines home today that I found in the back of the store. We have a number of copies and I wanted to see why they didn't fly off the shelves......

I guess I can understand why the one on the left wasn't popular. The quilt on the front really doesn't do anything for me but, when I looked inside I found no less than 4 projects I'd love to try. The one on the right yielded another 8 projects, not all quilts but certainly projects quilters would consider. After all most of us can sew as well as quilt.......It only goes to show you - You can't judge a book by it's cover"....I won't be surprised if you find us kitting a few of these projects and teaming them up with the magazines! Just a thought!

The one pictured below is a perfect Beginner quilt or just a great stash buster!

I would like to leave you with something from an article on Kaye England in the Feb. 2008 Better Homes and Gardens - American Patchwork & Quilting. I believe they are direct quotes from Kaye -


Enjoy the process.....It's the journey that's the most important. It's more about the "doing" than the "done".

Make sure your tools are right.......From rulers to sewing machine, the tools you use affect your accuracy, organization, and consistency.

Have faith in yourself.....If this is your first time quilting, it won't be your best, but there's still value in that piece whether it's perfect or not.

Document - it is crucial.....Help people know how and why you made your quilt. The value is for generations who come after you, who will love and respect your work more than you do today.

Isn't this really what quilting is all about!

Happy quilting!


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