Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally.........some quilting!

Country Haven! I have the first of three segments completed and I am just thrilled. This quilt is going to blow me away! I'm not sure if I will risk quilting it myself but at the moment the plans for what I want are formulating. I haven't been this excited about a quilt (except for the "Hankie" quilt....okay so I get excited!)....but seriously I am loving this one! Bosley is very curious about the camera - he can't understand why he isn't in every picture.....

Each strip is painstakingly chosen to correspond with the quilt in the pattern (which I suspect is an EQ6 drawing) so now that segment one is completed....it is the bottom segment - I will start selecting the strips for segment two - the centre.
Below are all the pre-cut strips layed out so that I can cut the segments. This actually takes more time than sewing the blocks. I will attempt to cut the next 6 or 12 blocks. Then I lay them out in order by the sewing machine and off I go. Getting loads of exercise as I do each block separately and press constantly. Up and down, up and down - it's good for me......

Simon has retired to my home office to rest. He got tired watching me.....check out this pose....
From what I've heard the weather for the next two days will be very conducive to quilting...or just getting under the quilts. Hope you all have plenty of supplies, if not - you know where we are! Our Friday night Sit and Sew is this Friday and I hear we are all full up - it pays to sign up early for Sit and Sew! I promise to share the evening with you and possibly a recipe or two!
By the way - if you are still "thinking" about taking the Machine Quilting Class with Carolyn on Sunday - IT IS A GO! There is still space, so PLEASE register - the more the merrier!
Happy Quilting!

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