Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day...History In The Making!

I myself was glued to the TV all day! Took a break to go to the York Heritage Quilt Guild meeting tonight where Sandy Lindal (one of our AMAZING teachers, was Quilter of The Month) and then came back to check out the Inaugural Balls!

This is really an historical day and I believe that we will all reap the benefits from this "New Order". I personally wish President Obama all the best of things and the best of all things. That is it for my politics!

Needless to say, the store could have been closed today. I honestly believe that everyone, everywhere was glued to the TV. But that gave Barb time to mark all the NEW stuff that arrived yesterday.....(while she was watching the inauguration on her laptop set up on the front desk).

We received one of each of the books below to add to our offerings for the Underground Railroad Club starting next month. (If you are interested please call the store - we will be sending out a formal announcement shortly).

UNDERGROUND RAILROAD and FACTS & FABRICATIONS - Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery are two of the new offerings.

We also received a small shipment of fabrics. Four bolts of stunning black on black pictured below......

.....and a bolt of Black Strip Its! I have been waiting for this one forever! I've had a quilt in my head.......
The Strip Its come in White, Black and Cream and are pre-printed 2-1/2" strips on a bolt which can be cut apart to make individual strips. Once I get my fabrics cut I will let you know (show you) how I plan to make them go together......

I have met my first DEADline from my other business but am now faced with a NEW DEADline which I will have to meet so the next two weeks are going to be very busy for me.....After staying up until 4:30 a.m. two nights (mornings) in a row to meet that deadline, however, I think it is time to take it a little slower and pace myself accordingly so I will get back to doing some of the things I enjoy - like quilting, and being in the store! In the meantime I am going to go back to the Obama's historical night on the town.....
Happy Quilting!

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