Friday, January 23, 2009

Pretty in Pink!

This is Nancy's current project for the store! It's actually all in pinks and uses the Little Lady fabrics from is a project from the newest Quick Quilts which I told you about earlier this month.....just one of many projects in that issue!

...and here's Nancy cutting fat quarters....She gets very upset when we run out of fat quarters and is constantly filling up our shelves. (Gee - the store looks HUGE from this angle) I tend to forget how big the store is.....
.....and there's Barb. She's very busy pricing all the new and replacement stuff that came in on Monday....(and fixing a mess I made in the computer....they hate when the boss messes up their stuff!)
Tonight I have plans! It will be a surprise but suffice it to say we will see what can be done with those amazing Strip It's! (I thought they were amazing when I bought them - now I just have to prove it to myself - but I have a plan.....)
Happy Quilting!

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